Illustration Requests

Illustration RequestsOur goal is to provide you with an accurate proposal with a realistic estimate of underwriting class before you present information to your client. Be sure to ask for the following information before requesting a quote.

  • Name, date of birth, smoker or non-smoker?
  • Height and weight?
  • Medications – name and dosage?
  • Any known medical conditions?
  • Any family history of heart conditions, cancer or diabetes?

There are lots of ways to ask us for an illustration! You can do it right now while you?re online or email us, call us or fax us ? the choice is yours. You can even run your own term comparison.

Please be sure to indicate when you need the quote ? and we appreciate when you can give us some lead time so that we can make sure everyone gets first rate service from us.

On-Line Illustration Request Forms

Faxable Illustration Request Sheets

Phone in or Email Request

Phone in or Email Request to Sara Young:

(518) 462-5645 ext 1