New Business

New BusinessUpon submission of a new piece of business, each individual producer will receive weekly email updates from our New Business Coordinator. The status emails will continue throughout the underwriting process until the policy is issued and delivered to the client.

As always, we encourage you to contact us should you feel the need to discuss your pending business in more detail.

Please see the Application Time Line below for an overview of the underwriting process.

Step 1

Receive application from broker ? review application and inform broker of any missing or additional information needed.

Step 2

Order medical requirements (paramed exam, blood, urine, etc.).

Step 3

Submit application to carrier;Carrier may order APS, Phone History Interview and/or TeleApp

Step 4

Follow-up as necessary and status broker at least once per week via email or more if necessary.

Step 5

Inform broker of offer;finalize policy details.

Step 6

Receive policy from carrier, process and send to broker.

Step 7

Await delivery requirements from broker and submit to carrier.

Overall the underwriting process can take approximately six weeks. If an APS (Attending Physician Statement) is ordered this could add an additional 2-4 weeks to the process. Please keep in mind, sometimes after review of initial APS, additional APS?s are ordered and this can add an additional 2-4 weeks.